Sunday, November 05, 2006

The beginning...

Hey everyone my name is Tyler and I am a senior at Duke University. I just got word that I would be able to write about technology for the next couple of weeks in order to get the opportunity to fly to Cali and spend some time with the group at I can't think of a better opportunity than getting to go see where all the start-up action is and obtaining some experience that I might need in order to start my own company.

So why would I do this?

I'm a Computer Science and Economics Major who was planning on taking a trip to California post graduation with the clothes on my back and a charged laptop in the hopes of finding some inspiration. I always have a ton of ideas that I think would be great, but I've been having a hard time finding the right way to fit all of the pieces together. Cali, especially the Silicon Valley area, is the perfect place to be inundated by a ton of smart, tech-minded people and the right resources to get the job done. I think that if I'm creative enough to come up with something that people would enjoy, I might be able to carve a slice of the Web 2.0 cake that I can call my own.

As for most people who similarly interested in computer science and economics, there are many job options available upon graduation as technological innovation has creeped into every corner of our lives. However as we have seen, the economy is not quite as wild-eyed and optimistic it was during the "bubble" where most students overlooked the comfort and security of a more traditional career minded job for the sexiness and glory of the tech startup IPO. Times have changed and now most graduating seniors think it is increasingly important to pay your dues as a banker in order to learn about the nature of profitability and get the background needed to succeed in the second wave of the Internet revolution. They couldn't be more wrong.

Within the next series of posts I'm going to show you why I believe it is important to follow your dreams and be creative, let nothing get in your way, and continue to see the Internet as the wild wild web, where anything can happen and everyone has the power to change to world.


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