Monday, November 13, 2006

Being in the Hot Seat

This weekend I was thinking about some of the mistakes I've made during the job interview process and wanted to share them with you from the point of view of a Duke student. I have received a ton of feedback and have heard plenty of stories over the last couple of months, so here are some things to think about...

Don't be a smart ass: Once I was asked if I had any questions and replied "If I have an unlimited supply of water, a three gallon jug, and a five gallon jug, how do I get exactly four gallons of water into the five gallon jug?" The answer I received was that they probably have a four-gallon jug at some other company.

Don't dress like you own a plane: If you usually rock out an expensive suit with a Rolex and a smirk, you might want to consider something more moderate. Even though you may be able to buy the bank and burn it to the ground and your uncle's names end in Goldman and Sachs, it is absolutely necessary to curb flagrancy.

While people usually say you should dress for the job you want to have, in industries such as investment banking this is strictly forbiden. You only tie a double windsor knot in your tie if your name was in the Wall Street Journal 5 minutes ago and your about to go on CNN to talk about your stock picks. If that isn't the case, stick with a white shirt and blue tie, kills em every time.

Try to relax: It shows when you are nervous during an interview. In general, the first round is just to make sure you would fit in at a given company and employers are looking for pulled together adults that they would want to be around for an extended period of time. If you appear to be very serious or not much fun, you can expect to receive an unpleasant phone call.

I heard a story about a fellow Duke student who received several "brain teasers" in a row and got frustrated. Eventually he blew a gasket and asked his interviewers the following. "If 5% of the world is a jerk, what are the chances that the two people interviewing me would both be jerks?" The interview ended promptly and without a chuckle.

Be your self: I can't tell you how many interviewers I have talked to after getting a rejection that have told me my answers sounded rehearsed. What I learned, albeit a little too late in the process, is that you need to have good responses that are loosely defined. If you have practiced your interview in the mirror, you may be thinking about the process in the wrong way and will most likely be caught off guard by a question that you did not account for no matter how prepared you may be. Speak from the heart as most people don't want to work with a robot are attempting to asses your ability to think on the spot rather than memorize great sounding BS.

As a student who also enjoys having a bit of fun and the occasional beer, it is probably unnecessary to say that I lack a 4.0 GPA and am unable to play a violin with my armpit. Therefore employers usually select my resume out of the pile they receive because of its well-rounded nature rather than its excellence in a given area. These principles reflect what I said above, as they would be looking to hire someone having these characteristics because they are personable.

If they wanted the same answers rehearsed and repeated to them, as is often the case when they interview at business schools, it would be very easy for most potential candidates, especially at Duke, to memorize a textbook response. Be creative and have fun with it.

Get Interested: The other thing I've heard, even though in reality it could not be further from the truth, is that I have lacked enthusiasm. Have something interesting prepared. Read a company’s financial reports if they are public, which most of them are, and try to have a great question or list of things you can talk about with your interviewer. Chances are they will like talking about themselves and about how great their company is. Who doesn’t?

You don’t need to understand the numbers, although looking at earnings would not be bad, but try to focus on the text and the direction of the employer and their future plans. Also, be up to date with what is happening in the news. If they just merged with someone else, and it happens to be the biggest merger in history, you better know about it.

And, as always, be persistent...

"I do not think that there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature." - John D. Rockefeller


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